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balanced Rebeliant

balanced Rebeliant



Americans still do not intend to let go of their tendency to promote the film world. Once again they serve us work both biographical and historical, in addition to moving and still living in the American reality painful issues of racial discrimination. These various aspects deftly combines the "Rebel", evoking a captivating story about the fate of one man's independent, but caught up in the problems of his era. The year is 1862. The Civil War rages. Paramedic Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) serving in the Confederate army, under the influence of tragic events deserts and returns to his homeland. Because of his rebellious attitude towards greedy soldiers, army for seizing all estates to poor families at a rapid pace ground he begins to burn under their feet.


Salwuje to escape the swamp, where it begins to gather a group of like him, the rebels, to fight against injustice and exploitation. Then we move back in time by 85 years, when the great-grandson of Newton, accused of origin A black and breaking state law by marrying a white woman running court battle ... Director Gary Ross skillfully introduces additional threads, which, penetrating to form a coherent and complete history.


Both the anti-war pronunciation, as well as the message of freedom and human dignity has been shown in a subtle way, so do not offend propaganda pronunciation, often seen in productions with similar themes. Historical background here is not only the background, but as an integral part of life, which exerts a powerful influence.


This allowed for the fair presentation of the realities of the Civil War and the struggle for equal rights for freedmen after its completion. The introduction of time second plane, although it has been presented in the form of an outline rather than a separate history, highlights the topicality of the problem of racism. Could not, it is true, avoid light schematisation in the way of constructing history, but it is not clear enough to disrupt the pleasure of tracking rich and interesting stories. Superbly led the viewer the emotions, through a well-developed photos, skillful and great tension building, in every scene adapted to the situation of music. Also, in addition to the cast for a small number of distinct characters can be a little "Rebeliantowi 'fault. Brightest shines Matthew McConaughey, which restrained but free manner able to resolve human form a brave and serene, but often overwhelmed tired responsibility and suffering. Also does well in the role of Ali Mahershala Moses, a black friend Knight. "Rebel", avoiding talking about the lofty lofty values ​​on the one hand avoids excessive pathos, the other is not able to electrify the audience the power of its message. It remains, however, the film engaging, thanks to good execution and a balanced combination of various trends gives great pleasure from watching. .


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